Computation Times for Raja's Gallery

This page presents the computation times for Raja's gallery, so that potential users have an idea of Raja's (lack of) performance :-)

These images were computed on the following system:

The computation parameters were as follows: Note that these images are computed 16 times faster without antialiasing.

Raja Source640x480800x6001024x768Stereo
1m 35s 324ms 2m 30s 21ms 4m 6s 119ms 18s 171ms
59s 231ms 1m 32s 509ms 2m 33s 856ms 11s 897ms
1m 6s 663ms 1m 45s 278ms 2m 45s 805ms 12s 639ms
7m 16s 258ms 11m 18s 418ms 18m 36s 793ms 1m 25s 351ms
4m 18s 390ms 6m 46s 535ms 10m 59s 210ms 50s 561ms
15m 58s 94ms 24m 54s 730ms 40m 52s 888ms 3m 6s 512ms
3m 7s 224ms 4m 53s 86ms 8m 1s 113ms 37s 149ms
10m 58s 788ms 17m 6s 329ms 28m 5s 421ms 2m 8s 533ms
3m 17s 742ms 5m 7s 534ms 8m 27s 0ms 38s 827ms
54s 328ms 1m 25s 733ms 2m 20s 540ms 10s 898ms
1m 19s 221ms 2m 1s 434ms 3m 17s 753ms 15s 13ms
4m 58s 117ms 7m 40s 975ms 12m 58s 392ms 57s 660ms
13m 59s 574ms 21m 37s 43ms 36m 0s 469ms 2m 42s 968ms
23m 7s 448ms 36m 9s 216ms 59m 41s 730ms 4m 35s 270ms
21m 50s 424ms 34m 14s 867ms 56m 21s 655ms 4m 14s 456ms
41m 40s 724ms 1h 5m 18s 591ms 1h 46m 59s 492ms 8m 6s 560ms
5m 22s 376ms 8m 23s 441ms 13m 47s 308ms 1m 3s 649ms
11m 37s 464ms 18m 6s 753ms 29m 53s 971ms 2m 16s 708ms
15m 54s 3ms 24m 46s 200ms 40m 52s 777ms 3m 7s 974ms

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